Relax in the mountains

Wellness centre in Alta Badia

After a day of hiking, relax in the wellness area of Hotel Ciurnadù, looked after by Matteo. The Wellness centre is 1550 meters above sea level and has a panoramic view of Val Badia. Let go of all tension to regenerate the body and mind, immersing yourself in the warmth of the saunas and the revitalising energy of the outdoor hot tub.

Treat yourself to a moment of peace in our panoramic garden, where natural beauty merges with tranquillity, offering you that serenity that only the Dolomites can give. In addition, if you wish, you can order an aperitif directly from the wellness area.

Finnish sauna Mountain Lodge Ciurnadù Alta Badia
Herbal bio sauna Mountain Lodge Ciurnadù Alta Badia

Panoramic sauna

Feel the warmth from our saunas on your skin while enjoying the panoramic mountain views: in winter let yourself be enchanted by the white snow, in summer by the green of the meadows and forests. The bio herbal sauna embraces the body and soothes the mind with its aroma; the Finnish sauna relaxes the muscles and releases tension in an environment dedicated to peace and well-being. Outside, for a more daring experience, immerse yourself in the cold larch water pool or in the winter snow, immediately after the sauna, to tone your body instantly.

Outdoor whirlpool with view Dolomites Mountain Lodge Ciurnadù


Outdoor hot tub

The outdoor hot tub of Mountain Lodge Ciurnadù, heated to 36°, is a place of excellence where comfort and luxury combine with the magnificence of the mountains, offering you a moment of complete well-being.

In the snow or under the hot summer sun, this corner of relaxation is a real oasis for those who want to switch off and regenerate completely at an altitude of 1550 meters.

Outdoor whirlpool with view Dolomites Mountain Lodge Ciurnadù
Garden with whirlpool Mountain Lodge Ciurnadù Alta Badia


Solarium with a view

Explore our large garden with solarium, where the natural charm of the Dolomites blends with the elegance of our solid wood terrace.

Breathe in the fresh alpine air, listen to the sounds of nature, get up close and personal with the squirrels and fawns that live in the surroundings. Treat yourself to a well-deserved rest from the hectic life and your hikes, making your mountain holiday an unforgettable experience of peace and connection with the South Tyrolean Alps

Garden with whirlpool Mountain Lodge Ciurnadù Alta Badia

Relaxing holidays

Relaxation room and herbal teas

Nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, our relaxation area is a haven of tranquillity where you can find harmony of mind and body. The comfortable sun loungers, the serene atmosphere, the soft towels that we provide for all guests and the incredible view of Alta Badia create a perfect environment for relaxation. The herbal tea corner offers a complete sensory experience with a variety of infusions and herbal teas that purify the body: in winter and in summer we provide home-made elderberry and mint juices.

Relaxation room Mountain Lodge Ciurnadù hotel with spa La Val
Tea corner Mountain Lodge Ciurnadù hotel with spa La Val

Wellness and relaxation in the mountains